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    Honeywell helps Johan Cruijff Arena in Amsterdam enhance building performance and visitor experience.

    The Johan Cruijff Arena (JCA) in Amsterdam is one of the world’s most sustainable stadiums and home of the AFC Ajax and the Dutch national football teams.

    The Johan Cruijff ArenA is one of the most sustainable stadiums in the world. For example, the multifunctional stadium uses residual heat to keep frost off the playing field, is powered by more than 4,200 solar panels on its roof and one wind turbine and processes waste as cleverly as possible.

    The main building comprises an impressive energy-generating escalator and the stadium has also installed an energy storage system powered by second-life batteries from used electric vehicles.

    The Storage Building system, made from used Nissan LEAF batteries, not only provides backup power for the stadium but also distributes energy to the surrounding neighborhood when needed, to alleviate pressure on the grid.

    Building Facts and Figures

    • 5-star UEFA status
    • 0 CO2 emissions
    • 4,200 solar panels on the roof
    • Capacity 57,000 people
    • 2 million visitors annually

    The Needs

    • Flawless project execution without disturbing or interrupting ArenA events
    • Upgrade the ArenA’s central database and Building Management System (BMS)
    • Continue to improve visitor experience and building performance

    The Solution

    The JCA used a central database for gathering and processing data from facility systems such as ticketing, safety and security, and more. Because of this, stadium officials wanted a BMS solution that would integrate this technical data and then further improve both visitor experience and building performance.

    The Honeywell team implemented an integrated building solution based on its “digitized maintenance” solution – the next generation of Honeywell service, driven by analytics and IoT integration. The solution taps into extensive building sensors that enable monitoring and analyzing building performance 24/7. This is enabled by Honeywell Forge for Buildings – an integrated platform that connects technical operational data from assets, processes and third-party applications with machine learning to help customers improve building performance and productivity using actionable insights.

    Assisted by sensors, the Honeywell Building Management System collects data from the connected equipment, controllers, and spaces. Based on data analysis, failures can be detected earlier so that maintenance can be carried out before any inconvenience arises and impacts stadium operations. 

    The Honeywell BMS supports the Johan Cruijff ArenA to achieve its goals of becoming a flagship in the field of data-driven operations — where regular preventive maintenance transforms to predictable, data-driven maintenance.

    The Benefits

    • Improved database functions and building performance thanks to data-driven solutions
    • Increased day-to-day operational efficiency and sustainability
    • Replace BMS controllers without any disturbance to ArenA events
    • Enhanced visitor experience and cost savings
    • Optimal system integration that increases comfort and lowers energy consumption

    At the Johan Cruijff Arena, we foster innovation and we are constantly looking to unravel new ideas. How can we improve upon operations, safety and fan experience? The answer lies, among other things, within data. As a data-driven organization, we aim to become a leader in new IoT driven solutions. Honeywell has helped us take an important step in this journey, which will benefit our stadium but also, in the long term, smart cities alike.”

    —      Henk van Raan,

              Chief Innovation Officer,

               Johan Cruijff ArenA

    “Ever since it was opened, the Johan Cruijff ArenA looked into the future and became Europe’s state-of-the-art stadium. Honeywell is proud to be the trusted partner of a unique, emblematic stadium where mobility, sustainability, safety, and security are combined into an open innovation platform that creates the best experience for visitors in and around the stadium and the city.”

    —      John Brussel 

              Regional General Manager

              Projects Benelux, Honeywell


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