How to Drive Efficient Airport Operations

    Technology drives the airport industry – it’s what makes it easy for people to get to their desired destinations. Technology in airports should take the complex system of an airport and help make it a seamless experience for passengers as well as make processes more efficient for airlines and airport operators.

    Soaring global passenger growth is motivating airlines and airports to improve the passenger experience — and the profitability of their operations. As airports become busier, they must handle more passengers and aircraft. The challenge is that infrastructure often cannot be expanded due to space, government or other restrictions.

    Combined with the growing number of mega hubs around the world, these in fact are competing as passengers look for the most efficient way of travel and reaching their destination. Consumers have a lot more choice, so airports have to be attractive in their own right and help create a more memorable and positive experience. We’re all familiar with the common passenger gripes of lack of information, long queues, long walking distances between connections and flight delays.

    Digital transformation plays a vital role in creating more efficient airports of the future – those that are connected in the true sense and offer a delightful, positive passenger experience; whilst driving more efficient operations across both airside and landside.  At ACI Airport Exchange 2019, Honeywell Airports will show ways to drive more efficient airport operations. You’ll have the chance to understand how our smart solutions help airports connect data from multiple sources, such as air traffic control and airport operations to improve aircraft, baggage and passenger flow. We hope you will drop by and speak to our experts.