Control Panels

FX100 Galaxy® Flex Control Panel

FX100 Galaxy® Flex Control Panels are flexible control panel range for small to medium sized security installations with remote access mobile app


FX100 Galaxy® Flex Control Panels are an highly competitive system for a greater number of zones and functionality to meet the ever increasing demands on resources, installers need look no further than Galaxy Flex to optimise installation, programming time and costs. Inside the panel housing are custom molded fitments that accommodate wireless, communications, expansion and other functionalities via modules that simply click in. Not only is it quick to install, the box is made of a robust flame-retardant polymer material which makes it less likely to be dented or damaged during installation. Take the wireless route when aesthetics are important or cabling is impractical or too expensive. Galaxy Flex offers the flexibility of wired and wireless in one robust system without compromising the reliability of the system thanks to Honeywell’s proven bi-directional radio and agile routine technologies. Programming is quick and easy with Galaxy Flex’s intuitive Windows programming interface. it uses the same intuitive menu based programming as Galaxy Dimension. Installers need only learn one platform to meet the needs of the smallest to the largest security installations

Features & Benefits:
  • Alarm verification by image sequence
  • Multiple communications options
  • Users can remotely access and manage their Galaxy Flex system
  • Door control
  • Part set functionality
  • Up to 4 annual holiday and 4 weekly schedules available
  • Multiple user interfaces
  • Auto-detect function for faster installation
  • EN50131-1: 2006 +A1:2009
  • EN50131-3: 2009
  • Security Grade 2
  • Environmental Class II
  • PD6662/2010
  • BS8243:2010
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