Find out how Intelligent, integrated school security can enhance the learning environment.

    Learn About Safer Schools

    Honeywell is the leader in applying integrated, connected technologies in schools. Video analytics, remote alerts, access control, intrusion and emergency response create layers of detection, identification and deterrence that can buy the time needed to ensure a robust, effective response.

    Security Ecosystem for Safer Schools

    Protection: From Essential to Advanced

    K-12 Best Practices

    Safety means the freedom to focus on learning, for staff and students. Browse through different levels of security and see how Honeywell integrated solutions can fit nearly every school budget.

    Universities Best Practices

    Early threat detection and fast response are crucial for student safety. See how integrated security responds when faced with day-to-day school situations or extreme and time-sensitive events.


    Explore the control systems and devices which make Honeywell the first choice for flexible, scalable security solutions.

    Healthy Buildings: Knowledge Articles

    People Counting

    Use video analytics to obtain accurate occupancy levels, Honeywell can help address new concerns and improve compliance with new and changing regulations. 

    Mask Detection &
    Social Distancing

    Advancements in video analytics have made it possible to determine if a person is wearing a mask—or even maintaining proper social distancing.

    Thermal Screening

    Honeywell Security technologies can be used in a smarter way to help health safety and risk management solutions get you back to business—quickly and safely.

    Frictionless Access Control

    By integrating technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Bluetooth and Passive Infrared sensors (PIR), Honeywell can help create an access control system that is completely touch-free.

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