The drivers of brick-and-mortar profitability

Today’s customer is demanding and omnichannel, and profit margins are tight. But the right solutions can help optimize your entire operation — enhancing your customer experience and your profitability.

Relief from the pressures and profit challenges of retail

Welcome to a single source solution to the mounting challenges of facility and personal security, energy costs, regulations and more. We can provide HVAC automation, heightened security and fire prevention, compliance and help sharpen your competitive edge.

Systems that talk to each other boost multisite efficiencies

Find out what we’re doing to enhance your customer experience and increase storewide productivity — through greater integration of your management systems, intelligent retail security, fire and energy systems, and heightened employee productivity. 





Build a cyber fortress around every store

As stores become highly connected, data and process protection are even more critical. So we build cybersecurity into virtually all our products, technologies and software. Find out how to make your stores safer, smarter and more efficient. Let’s talk.