Master Your Environment with Integrated Security

    The world is facing unprecedented challenges and most businesses are working to comply and adapt to new standards and regulationssuch as social distancing. Keeping people, property and assets safer while optimizing productivity and reducing costs is not an easy task. It’s even more challenging in larger organizations: larger organizations will likely require more complex security systems. There are also no guarantees that an enterprise organization’s security system is optimized to provide users the information needed for rapid decision making.

    So, how can enterprise organizations quickly act to resolve breaches in security?

    • Be Prepared – Bringing different security solutions together and managing them from a central system will strengthen your ability to identify and resolve problems.
    • Streamline Reports – Creating actionable intelligence starts with accessing the right information at the right time. Our integrated security systems enable operators to respond rapidly and effectively to alarms or incidents by providing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to define specific procedures to be followed for pre-defined situations. This reduces both compliance exceptions and security risks.
    • Use Video Analytics – Using advanced video analytics can create a stronger situational awareness of the entire security system with a single map view of all access, video and intrusion solutions. Combining video and access control provides an intuitive approach that associates alarms with the corresponding video.
    • Get Access Anywhere – Accessing a platform that uses a mobile app gives users flexibility to meet the needs of their business. Operators can use the app to access the system’s information and manage alarms at anytime, anywhere. It can also be used to remotely lock, unlock and reenable doors.

    Compliance and Privacy

    System maintenance means more than polishing camera lenses. Camera firmware upgrades and password updates can take hours for an IT department. A system that manages maintenance in bulk and remotely increases productivity and helps facilitate regulatory compliance and is critical for enterprise size organizations.

    Enhanced cyber compliance and data privacy happens through selective masking. Systems aligned with stringent industry regulations helps enable compliance. This allows operators to respond rapidly and effectively to alarms or incidents by providing a workflow package to configure Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

    Honeywell’s Pro-Watch Integrated Security Suite with map-based user interface Intelligent Command meets these requirements and more. It is designed to support the complexities of a global, multi-site enterprise organization but is flexible enough to support a single building.

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    Ronda Sylvester
    Offering Manager