Honeywell Smart Power Solutions

Building a resilient energy future for your building, campus, or city

Energy resilience for tomorrow optimizes results today

Making your city or building portfolio more energy resilient in the face of extreme weather or global events is key to mitigating risks, controlling costs, and maintaining business continuity. Honeywell Smart Power solutions for buildings or communities help deliver comprehensive energy resilience, sustainability outcomes, and operational savings by dynamically optimizing power demand and supply based on grid availability.
Honeywell Smart Power securely integrates sophisticated monitoring and control software, Honeywell and third-party Distributed Energy Resources (DER), and project financing, along with integration and implementation services.

Honeywell Smart Power for cities

Honeywell Smart Power is managed by our City Suite Command & Control platform to create an end-to-end, interoperable, AI software and renewable-energy-storage platform that integrates microgrids and critical city systems to provide a common operating picture, as well as automate and optimize city operations.

Our solution gives cities and communities access to: 

  • High uptime of critical city infrastructure during grid power outages
  • Lower costs of demand charges
  • Faster response times in the delivery of critical city services
  • Efficient ways to help lower carbon emissions

Honeywell Smart Power for buildings

Our Smart Power solutions integrated with Honeywell Buildings Sustainability Manager is your operating system for energy resilience in buildings and multisite portfolios. Monitor power and adapt it as needed, manually and automatically.

Built on a foundation of supply, control and optimization, Honeywell Smart Power for Buildings can help building administrators, and sustainability or energy managers to: 

  • Maintain operational continuity
  • Improve site sustainability
  • Optimize operational savings
  • Clarify utility billing

The future of energy storage

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