An ally in the battle against complexity

Increasing mandates, shrinking budgets, aging buildings — you’ve got a lot to do with fewer resources. We’ve helped government agencies around the world respond with smart solutions. We’re ready to help you.

A united front, from tackling budgets to cybersecurity

How do we help meet your cybersecurity, energy mandate and operating cost challenges? By using existing and emerging technologies to achieve greater visibility, measurement and performance. With integration, we can even enhance your resource resilience.

A sustainability approach that’s good for a city and a planet

We helped the local government of Dayton create an energy-efficient solution that reaped a reduction in carbon emissions equal to taking 650 cars off the road every year. And it will pay for itself in 10 years.





The best defense against cyberattacks: resilience

At Honeywell, cybersecurity isn’t an add-on. Or an afterthought. It’s built into virtually every process we institute, every product we create and every piece of software we deploy. The threat is out there. We want you to be as resilient as possible.