Now arriving: the fully integrated airport

To remain competitive, you need all the pieces of the airport puzzle to fit together perfectly. We can connect them by using advanced technology in powerful ways for a safer, more efficient airport.

Airports, like planes, have many moving parts — we connect them

Air, land and terminal-side — each has its own objectives. Using breakthrough IoT technologies, we integrate teams and systems, helping to create a safer, more reliable and more comfortable environment for airports worldwide. Yours can be one of them.    

Webinar: Improve gate turnaround, throughput and safety

Find out how integrating systems and data analysis can improve your tower and airside operations, as well as maintenance. Increase situational awareness and optimise the use of airside assets, which in turn can increase airside uptime and your airport’s overall throughput.


Connect air and ground operations — end to end, top to bottom

From a secure platform, Honeywell NAVITAS gives a single view of virtually everything airside — air and ground traffic and airport operations. You’ll also better know when maintenance is needed. Throughput is created and delays reduced without infrastructure expansion. 


Airport performance reaches new heights, and cyberthieves are grounded

Air travel is up. So are cyberattacks. As a leader in airport security, we know it’s critical to protect your infrastructure. And when your entire airport is integrated, it’s even more secure and productive. We’ve done it for 500 airports. What about yours?