Defend and control from a single screen

So much depends on managing the risks of your data center and what’s inside. Our data-driven security, safety and building management systems, plus the tools to integrate them, help put you in control.

We build the systems that help keep your systems up and running

From fire safety to access control, and document recovery to disaster control, our global expertise in building solutions helps protect your most important assets to keep your data center — and your customers’ businesses — humming.

A coordinated view helps keep your operations in sync

It takes a lot of different technologies pulling together to run a data center. Fire detection and perimeter and access control need to work seamlessly with video surveillance, HVAC monitoring and energy management. Integrating those systems helps you understand threats, respond to them faster and make your building more profitable.




Data security keeps us up at night, too

We’re a founding member of the Global Cybersecurity Alliance, working at the forefront of data security standards. Your data center is only as safe as the software that runs it. Find out how we can help make your building more efficient and secure.