Security takes flight

    Pro-Watch Integrated Security Suite provides a robust security ecosystem that enhances airport readiness, resilience, and operational efficiency, keeping you ahead of the curve.

    A topflight security solution

    Airport security is a complex equation with numerous variables – so let’s cut through the information overload. Keep operations flowing while optimizing situational awareness with integrated systems, data, and insights.

    Pro-Watch Intelligent Command

    Honeywell can help you identify the capabilities that will most benefit your security and airport operations – and then transom them into one nimble interface.


    Innovation in aviation

    Pro-Watch Integrated Security Suite offers a powerful platform transforming your operations into an ecosystem that combines access control and video management in a single, intuitive view. Land safely on a security solution that optimizes situational awareness and keeps you ahead of the curve.


    A touch free future is on the horizon

    Pro-Watch is integrated with frictionless access capabilities created by the leading global manufacturers of biometric technology. Find out the benefits of our Pro-watch touchless and biometric access integration.


    Efficient Badging for Airports

    One busy urban airport authority recognized the inefficiency of their older paper-based and manually intensive access badge application, approval, and renewal system. Honeywell, with its track record of helping other US airports solve similar problems, proposed the solution: Pro-Watch® Identity Management.


    Streamline your Vendor Management Process

    Honeywell Security Senior Applications Engineer, Brendon Sanders reviews Honeywell’s smart Vendor Portal, an integrated online portal that makes it easy for security operators to manage the vendor credential process, track progress, and monitor required training. Mike Trilk, Honeywell’s Airport and Transportation Vertical Leader speaks on how the benefits of Vendor Portal help optimize the badging process for some of North America’s largest airports.

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