Smart Security Always Deals a Winning Hand

    Put the odds in your favor with integrated security that provides total situational awareness to protect casino profits, assets, players and employees.

    Security you can bet on

    Casino security impacts the bottom line and helps keep high-value players coming back. Place your bet on a security systems that protects people and assets, ensures compliance, detects player or employee misconduct, and reduces risk for your gaming operation.

    Do you have a complete view of your security systems?

    Integration of systems and streamlining the generation of compliance and business intelligence reports reduces costs. A single integrated interface with mapping, alarms, workflows, dashboard reports and auditing capabilities provides actionable intelligence that facilitates rapid decision making to enhance the protection of people and property.

    Does your security system provide actionable intelligence?
    Be Prepared

    Leveraging the intelligence of advanced security and safety systems is an important aspect that will in turn enable businesses to maximize their performance, efficiency and cost-effectiveness whilst also providing long-term, sustainable value.

    Streamline Reports

    Our integrated security systems enable operators to respond rapidly and effectively to alarms or incidents by providing a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to define the to be followed procedure. This reduces both compliance exceptions and security risks.

    Utilize Video Analytics

    Pro-Watch Integrated Security Suite can utilize advanced video analytics through a stronger situational awareness of the whole security system with a single map view of all access, video and intrusion solutions.

    Pro-Watch Mobile App

    Access your system’s information and manage alarms at any time. The mobile app can also be used to lock, unlock and re-enable doors remotely.

    Meet and exceed security regulations
    Cyber Compliance

    Pro-Watch VMS ensures that enterprises meet Data Privacy requirement of right to access more easily and avoid fines with Selective Masking clip export.

    Valuable Reports

    Mapping, alarms, workflows, dashboard reports, and auditing capabilities for the site’s security solutions are available from a single interface.

    Standard Operating Procedures

    Ensure compliance with guided alarm/incident response by Standard Operating Procedures and reduce compliance exceptions and security risks. Regular updates are also the key to ensure that your system remains compliant with latest regulations.

    Reduce Cost of Liability

    Pro-Watch VMS (Video Management System) helps enterprises meet GDPR requirement of right to access more easily and avoid fines with Selective Masking clip export.

    Are your security systems secure?

    Pro-Watch VMS (Video Management System) controls multiple sources of video subsystems to collect, manage and present video in a clear and concise manner. It also intelligently determines the capabilities of each subsystem across various sites, allowing video management of digital video devices through a unified configuration and viewer.

    Manage your multiple sites and ensure business continuity
    Increase Efficiency

    Automated management and approval of access rights of different users eliminates the time and trouble involved in processing access rights manually and also eradicates entry errors.


    Pro-Watch NVR is a flexible, scalable and open IP video surveillance system, including the PW NVR PE with 64 to 256 channels as well as a software-based solution.

    Situational Awareness

    Pro-Watch Intelligent Command enables operators to respond rapidly and effectively to alarms or incidents by improving situational awareness for video and access systems in a unified interface. Single interface enables operators to manage events and alarms with camera video.

    Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

    Web client enhances scalability and reduces deployment costs by 20-25%.

    Pro-Watch Intelligent Command

    Honeywell can help you identify the capabilities that will most benefit your security and airport operations – and then transom them into one nimble interface.


    Pro-Watch provides video monitoring, advanced data reporting and scalability for your security ecosystem. Watch to learn more about upcoming features.

    Pro-Watch video management system

    Designed for reliability, integrity and dependability our video systems support your current and future security needs with products that can be used as part of NDAA section 889 compliant systems

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