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ESSER by Honeywell

Building safety that builds expectations

For over 45 years, we’ve developed innovative and customized solutions for professional fire protection. We can increase your building’s safety and productivity with a wide range of progressive fire alarm and PA/VA systems and software.


Fully integrated solutions

All systems are seamlessly connected when you choose us for your fire alarm and PA/VA system needs.


Certification made easy

Our solutions simplify industry compliance. We deliver solutions certified to most key international approvals and standards.


Local network, global impact

We leverage our global expertise to expand our network of local offices and contact partners — making our services easy to reach, everywhere in the world.


Back to the future

Your investment becomes future-safe with full forward and backward compatibility for present and future generations of system components.


What safety sounds like

From a stand-alone PA/VA system like INTEVIO to our modular-networked VARIODYN D1, we provide cost-effective solutions suited for any project.


Be the first to know

We offer a wide range of addressable ATEX devices that provide early fire or smoke detection warnings — ensuring safety in high-risk environments.


BIM support for your projects

Create and manage your building’s information. Download future-oriented Fire Alarm and PA/VA products as BIM objects in Autodesk Revit format.


Sky-high connectivity

Choose from a wide range of remote and on-site software tools from Connected Life Safety Services — our industry-leading cloud solution.

A future of enhanced protection

No matter the industry or the complexity of your challenge, we can help you enhance your building’s protection and return on investment with a future-proof solution.