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Saia Burgess Controls (SBC)

Bring your automation to life with the flexibility to adapt

Design the automation solution you want — not the one you’re limited to. If it can be measured, controlled or regulated, our programmable logic controllers (PLCs) can help you automate it — with an open design you can reprogram any time, on demand.


Open versatility inspires innovation

Automation technology is traditionally closed — and the software to modify it costs dearly. We’ve opened our designs to put you in control.


Partners, not competitors

We don’t sell end-user solutions. Instead, we ensure you have the components for smart automation in buildings, industry and infrastructure.


The choice of system integrators, OEMs and more

Easy to modify, stays compatible, Saia PCD systems give you energy-efficient automation designed for long-term performance and versatility.


Greater comfort, lower costs, new capabilities

From energy-efficient “smart” rooms to HVAC, lighting and safety, we can help you automate any part — or every part  of your buildings.


Flexibility meets investment security

Optimize complex, interconnected systems such as traffic and tunnels, water supply and district heating with resilient long-term solutions.


Open design means total access and control

Bring greater efficiency to your entire project with software to make engineering, automation and managing building systems fast and easy.


Protect your investment with modular versatility

With modular expansion options and easy upgrades, you can adapt Saia PCD devices to your needs, throughout the life of your project.

Automated comfort solutions wired for agility

Your buildings have distinct needs, so our automated solutions are flexible enough to suit them, and they’re based on open standards and programming. We can help, whether you want to update, reprogram or boldly redefine your comfort systems.