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Use every bit of data at your disposal

Make better decisions with better data.

Everyone uses data to guide decision-making. The better the data — and the more you understand it — the better your decisions. Our systems are the perfect solution to guide choices regarding comfort, safety, security and more.



A scalable solution to help your operation thrive.

Honeywell Building Manager is an open protocol enterprise solution that monitors and controls your building’s HVAC, lighting, and environment.


Keep a watchful eye on your operations.

Pro-Watch helps protect people and property, optimize productivity and ensure compliance. Save time and money with actionable intelligence.


Keep your people and assets safer.

Better protect your buildings with Digital Video Manager’s smart, scalable surveillance. Its critical data helps reduce risk and save time.


Get clearer answers with a single-view solution.

Our Command and Control Suite brings building systems together, so you can coordinate maintenance, minimize downtime and respond more effectively.


Social distancing measures and management are the new reality.

We have solutions that will help bring occupants back indoors. Use real-time data to help monitor and coordinate a safer return.


Harness the power of hardware and software.

CLSS cross-site connectivity provides insight into scheduled system testing, inspection reports, and device inventory. 


Smoke alerts before you see smoke

Aspirating smoke detectors give people time to respond before compromising life safety, critical infrastructure or business continuity.

The next level of HVAC efficiency

Optimize building operations affordably by customizing control processes, sharing information across departments and improving response time.

Integrated building management

Our cross-system integration connects IoT technologies to most existing software, making building operations more convenient.

Honeywell Security

Explore advanced video surveillance, building management and access control solutions that seamlessly integrate with other systems and devices.

Alert quickly, evacuate efficiently

Emergency communication and mass notification software ensure warnings reach the right people and hasten evacuation. Availability: USA, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxmbourg, Sweden, META.

Smart building management systems

Optimize energy consumption, track CO2 emissions and maintain consistent comfort by controlling and monitoring HVAC systems.

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Drive data insights and manage separate systems using the power of the internet.


Ready to help guide all your data-driven decisions.